Our Philosophy

At C.O. Designs, we create spaces where people enjoy spending their time. We believe that good design is at the core of this, and that our dedication, attention to detail and personal touch is reflected in all our work.


We believe in working closely with our clients, ensuring that designs evolve with their needs. We are committed to clearly define and understand a client's brief, and to find creative and cost effective solutions. Excellent communication skills ensure that we build long-lasting relationships, to which our satisfied clients can testify.



We are design orientated. Our focus is to provide solutions through clever design. Good design is more than aesthetics – it’s the integration of beauty and function, the harmony of style and practicality. Our industrial designers closely follow design trends around the world and apply their interpretation to come up with unique solutions.



Two fundamental assets within any organisation are its people and the technology that they access. Both are changing more rapidly than at any time in history. Furniture that delivers complete flexibility in use, configuration and arrangement is essential in addressing these changing needs. This requirement is elegantly addressed by the C.O Designs Capsule and Network ranges. Innovative workspace solutions, such as being able to easily move from sitting to standing, such as offered by C.O Designs Easydesk, offers maximum functionality and productivity.



With a growing focus on productivity in the workplace C.O Designs also offers a variety of visually appealing acoustic solutions that help manage excessive noise levels and improve speech intelligibility in any work, meeting or social environment. The aim of which is to provide a more acoustically balanced and comfortable working space.


Value for money

Given the integrated nature of the services and our manufacturing ability, C.O. Designs is able to offer solutions at different budget levels while always offering a transparent pricing model.


Peace of mind

Quality is everything to us, not just with regard to our product, but also our service to the client. We respect and appreciate a client's deadlines and will thus always endeavor to accommodate these through forecasting and personal management.


Environment & sustainability

CO Designs is committed to best environmental practice. We consider environmental effect when we design our furniture and advocate using sustainable materials wherever practical. Where possible, we will promote ecologically friendly products in all aspects of our operation. We aim to minimize the use of materials and resources, thereby reducing our waste to the lowest practical level. Where unavoidable, waste will be evaluated for their re use and recycling potential and the rest will be disposed of responsibly.