We are specialists in the supply of office furniture solutions throughout Southern Africa. We collaborate with corporate facility managers, designers and select dealers consistently offering creative and cost effective solutions.

Product Design, Research and Development

The founding owner is an industrial designer, who, together with our team of experienced designers, remains focused on providing solutions through smart designs.

The process starts with the client brief, meeting with the client to get a measure of what they need. This is usually followed by various levels of refinement including sketches, 3D renderings and technical drawings until we get to a point where we have finalized the details and can move on to the prototype and production processes. During the process we constantly check if we are still within budget and if we are still in line with the client brief.


This service is supported by our in-house technical team who has many years of experience and excellent technical skills and abilities.



We have our own office furniture manufacturing facility based in Cape Town. The whole team operates from the same location, thus ensuring continuity, full control over the manufacturing process and cost savings which is passed onto the client.

Our factory is not the biggest in the Western Cape, but that is with intention. It allows for more control and flexibility. It is a wood processing factory with state of the art machinery including the latest in beam saws, edge banding machines, CNC machines, sanders and routers.

We utilise the latest technology in software and machinery. The software facilitates a seamless process from design to production.

The software facilitates a seamless process from design to production. The software is linked to the beam saws and CNC machines, resulting in greater efficiency and flexibility.

The organisation completed a training program called WORKPLACE CHALLENGE PROGRAMME, initiated by the DTI (Department: Trade & Industry) and managed by the NPI (National Productivity Institute). The goal is to develop companies to adopt world class standards with regards to best practices in productivity, communication, waste management, human resource development, innovations, service and quality. This involves a holistic approach, starting at the lower levels of the organization with management acting as facilitators and offering service orientated leadership. The result is a motivated, collaborative company culture. The above best practices inevitably benefit the customer. The constant engagement of the whole work force in these spheres of best practice results in product improvements with regards to cost, quality and functionality.



Our service teams will deliver and install your office furniture professionally and efficiently ensuring the client achieves their project deadline.

Our teams of experienced fitters understand the critical role they play in the last stage of the supply process. They are responsible for the lasting image. We offer teams based in the Western Cape & Gauteng with a variety of delivery vehicles. We make use of additional resources through trusted partners to ensure quick and efficient delivery and installation. We are able to delivery and install nationally as this is a prerequisite of our corporate clients.